Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I was not immune to the change of seasons before I had children. Before Liam though,  I didn't notice them in the same way--particularly spring. After being cooped up all winter long at indoor playgrounds, library story times, and here at the house we welcome the opportunity to get out and about. Today is the first day that it has been truly warm here and I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. I just want to flitter-flutter everywhere outside today. It's wonderful when something as simple as the sun shining and the warmth of a deliciously beautiful spring day can change the mood of everyone in our family.

As soon as the little guy gets out of school, we're going to whiz by the local sandwich shop and head straight to a playground or park. We recently found a playground that also has an enormous sandbox and TODAY it has our name written all over it.

I also love spring because we have developed and maintained great friendships with the folks from our childbirth class and the kiddos all start having birthdays around now. The first one will happen in May and they'll continue on through to September. I love seeing all the kids grow and can't wait to hang out at each of their parties.

With each of the parties I think of great birthday cards, clever thank you notes, and photo books to mark the passing of the past year (they do grow so quickly).

Now get out there and enjoy this gorgeous day!

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