Sunday, April 3, 2011

Song-A-Long: Day 3

"A song that makes you happy."

On a bright beautiful day at a hyper-local festival Judi and I found ourselves interpreting for an undisclosed band which turned out to be O.A.R. Their late in the day appearance turned this lightly attended festival into a teenage mob bonanza.

Only years later did Judi and I learn (probably via Facebook) that that one concert had turned us both into fans. We'd both gone to concerts of theirs at large area venues.

Cue, meeting my husband via where one of our first conversations revolved around our mutual adoration of O.A.R. Little did we know, our musical similarities started and ended with this one group.

Instead of flowers on our first date he burned a copy of their "In Between Now and Then" CD for me. (Which I inadvertently left in his car.) I promise I didn't do it for a second date.

So, "Hey Girl" is a song that ALWAYS lifts my spirits, makes my heart soar and takes me back to downtown Baltimore the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2003.


  1. Fun song! And a fantastic story to go along with it. Sorry the hubs' doesn't share your taste in music, though. At least you can enjoy one band together!

  2. never heard of them. I thnk I live under a rock. thats great that you meet hubby on I hear lots of good things about them and many people have been married for years and years. good to see


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