Monday, April 4, 2011

Sad Songs

"A song that makes you sad."

Music doesn't make me sad, it moves my soul.

That said, I guess this song brings to mind some sadness for me.

In 2001, I walked past a dance studio in Washington DC, saw a tap class for adults and signed up never having taken a single dance class before. Just a few years later I found myself dancing with a great company called Tappening.

Then, early in 2005 I l left that company for a multitude of reasons...and haven't danced since. This is the song that they were getting ready to choreograph when I left.

Listening to this song now, reminds me of a time when I knew no fear. It brings me great sadness that I don't dance any more.

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  1. I feel the same way about belly dancing. I did it for a few years, and I think I was pretty good at it... Then I lost my job and couldn't afford to take the classes. It was a great time in my life and I miss doing it.

  2. time to dust off the shoes and dance at home even if you can't dance with a company you can dance for yourself. tapping is so cool I love watching old movies with tappers. now that is talent.

  3. Don't be sad for what once was, be happy that you had the courage (and energy!) to take up something as fun as tap-dancing! Now that Liam's a little older, may be something worth looking into doing again. You deserve to do something special, just for you! I find myself to be a better Momma when I'm taking a weekly yoga class.

  4. PS - I've never heard of tap-dancing to Bob Marley, but I'm very interested!

  5. @Stampmouse: We even have a floor here that we can get out to do it. My tap shoes are a little over snug since me feet grew to epic proportions during preganncy. And good shoes are another $400. And time, oh time is always an issue isn't it. Grin.

    @ Kelli: Yeah, it was a rhythm tap company and we danced mostly to funk pieces. Good times.


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