Monday, December 20, 2010

Who Do You Love?

 "I always knew I loved my mom. But, I didn't know I loved her fiercely until the day she had to return home to a different state after the birth of my son. It was as if my entire heart and soul were walking out the door at that moment. That one moment changed the shape and nature of our relationship forever...for the better."

Who or what do you love fiercely? 

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. That is really sweet, and I know exactly how you feel! I feel the same way.

  2. I envy that mutual love you have with your Mother! Appreciate & embrace it. Some of our mothers have their own issues to bury & ignore; they don't have time to know or express love like that... sad, but it happens, and it's taught me how *not* to treat my own kids. I believe most of my fierce-love ah-ha moments come from a similar place as yours though. When anyone stands up for me, I have that moment of "Wow, you love me so much, I know you *say* you have my back, but you're actually standing up for me?" And it throws me, in a very positive direction. My husband standing up to my mother... my friend/co-worker standing up to my boss after he "let me go" when I was pregnant (risking her own job)... my dad hanging out in my room after telling me he had some time to kill so my mom thought he was yelling at me, even though he thought what I did was worth a pat on the back, not a scolding. (that last one may not have been as much of someone standing up for me, but it was a big deal for my dad to not be my mother's puppet) All of these people make ME want to love big, fiercely and without regret. I hope my kids know how fiercely I love them some day. Happy birthday to your Mom, Alissa. May not know her personally, but she raised an amazing woman!

  3. Alissa, this was a sweet post that brought a tear to my eye!

    Slam dunk, no doubt about it, I love my kids and my husband fiercely. My husband and I both agreed that when our daughter (first born) arrived, we would throw ourselves under a bus if it meant saving her from harm. We still feel that way about her and her brother---and about each other (I hope!)


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