Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yesterday I posted this (on Facebook):

"Black cloud, please go hang over someone else's head. You're really not wanted here."

followed by this:

"Now looking for mood changers. Have anything that will make me smile or better yet...laugh?"

I have to say I'd highly recommend doing this, because I got some really fabulous stuff in return.

It all started when my sister posted a link to this.

Then, a colleague posted this.

My sister-in-law posted just enough of a teaser about a hilarious time we had at a wedding a few years back. So funny in fact that I started laughing so hard last night and still I couldn't explain to Tim what was so funny. 

And, this morning a good friend sent a JibJab of working it out old school. He even did "the worm".

Thank you. If you've got something hilarious to share, post below. We could all use a little more laughter this holiday season.


  1. Aren't friends and family great?

  2. OMG, DOUBLE DREAM HANDS!!! Makes me want to learn that routine!
    Here's one for you -- this one always makes me think of home:

  3. @ Lanita: Indeed.

    @ Vanessa: Wouldn't it make for a great flash mob with legwarmers and side ponytails??

    Thanks for the link. :)


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