Friday, November 26, 2010

PIF: Day Twenty-Six

Pay It Forward: Day Twenty-Six

I love Black Friday! 
I really enjoy crowds and never have anything that I must have on my list. Sure there are things I'd like to grab, but for the most part it's about the people watching and just the general experience of it. I have rarely if ever seen anyone upset about anything. I see other folks out to have a good time and enjoying the day as well. Maybe it's a case of you get what you are looking for.

This year was really neat as I got to go with an old friend that I haven't really had the chance to catch up "face-to-face" with in years. We have such similiar styles that the whole day was a breeze.

Being that it was Black Friday and we were around lots and lots of people we had ample opportunity to pay it forward today. Everything from letting someone go in front of us, to helping a woman who wanted some games we were standing near that she couldn't get to. One by one as she decided on game after game we took them off the shelf and handed them to her. We chatted with people in line and joked with others. We held each others place in line store after store after store. Nothing earth shattering, all tiny stuff, but hopefully it put others in a mood to be kind throughout their day shopping as well. Sometimes it's not the grandest of gestures that gets the most attention.

Make sure to keep note of your random acts of kindness as the first 30 readers to share theirs will be "sweetly" rewarded on November 30. So, make a note to check back in on November 30.

Also, a great BIG "thank you" to all the wonderful guest writers yesterday!!

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