Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh Hey, Thanks A lot.

A million thanks:

I may not have as many 1.) girlfriends as I did in grade school, but the ones I do have now, hands down, are the best. No one puts up with me better (once a month or all the time; you choose) when I am feeling emotional, want to devour everything in sight, and am feeling sorry for myself. They don't mind that I am horrible at keeping in touch via telephone (thank goodness for facebook) or only see them around the holidays. I don't have to censor myself around them, or try to be something I'm not. I never appreciated the power of having girlfriends more than I have this year. I have a million 2.) guy friends, but they don't want to know who I gave my number to last night. I guess I have to include 3.) My Apartment Lease and/or opportunity. Since moving out to 4.)NYC in June from 5.) Michigan (for a job), I change my mind every other week whether or not this place is for me. I appreciate this opportunity to the fullest, although frustrating at times, this is probably the best thing that could have happened to jump-start 6.) my career. I think if I wasn't tied to my apartment until next June I would be looking for something else closer to Michigan on the bad days, and who knows if I would be happy there either. At least this way I am forced to stick it out, and in the end I might just love it. It's like when you are little and your parents make you eat all of your vegetables so you can have your 7.) dessert. Speaking of 8.) Parents, in general, but especially mine. They continue to support me and keep me functioning daily. They, too, are also very understanding about my lack of telephone communication and they still like me after all of these years... What more could a girl ask for, besides superficial things like 9.) dark wash denim jeans plus a 10.) washing machine and 11.) dryer inside of my apartment, of course.

But most of all, today, I am thankful that I am not a 12.) turkey or turducken (whatever that is.)

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  1. Awesome! So clever!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I am thankful for such an amazing sister. And, of course that I am not a turkey either.


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