Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Am Grateful.

I am grateful for really good food. Especially a cheesy thick crust pizza, diet slurpees (nearly impossible to find, Chicken and Broccoli, and pretty much anything with peanut butter and chocolate.

I am grateful for free food giveaways at Chick-Fil-A.

I am grateful for free giveaways on!

I am grateful for really great television shows. They don’t need to be thought provoking or ground breaking just a nice break from reality that either gets me laughing or allows me to have a good cry.

I am grateful for really good books. My personal favorites: Hunger Game Trilogy, The Sparrow, Marley & Me, Angels & Demons, and the Rescue.

I am grateful for a really good cry which helps wash everything away and allow you to start anew.

I am grateful for really good laugh - the kind that makes you cry and nearly pee your pants. The kind that gets you laughing again when you think of it days, weeks, or months later.

I am grateful for convenience. Especially ATM’s, anything with a drive thru and on-line shopping.

I am very grateful for my family and friends. Especially those who have shown up by my side in a moment’s notice in a time of need.

Above all I am grateful for the health, safety and happiness of my baby boy and the love and devotion of my husband. I am grateful for the opportunity to stay at home with my son. And I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have made because of him.

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  1. Great laughs and Great cries....YES and YES! The story of Chance gets me teared up in laughter every. single. time.


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