Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I know I’m not alone when I say I enjoy Thanksgiving even more than I enjoy Christmas. I love that “the main event” is all about the meal. It’s nice to be able to spend the day to together with family and friends, without all the pressure of presents.

This year has been a particularly challenging one for a lot people. I’m not going to get political, but no matter what side of the fence you’re on, I think we can all agree it’s not the easiest chapter this country has ever written.

That said, I’m a “glass half full kind of gal” and use Thanksgiving as the road to reflect of the past years successes, make a list of future “improvements,” and to take stock of the many people and things in my life I’m most thankful for.

Moving to Baltimore has not been an easy adjustment for me. I’m so grateful to have made some really wonderful friends for myself, my husband and our two and half year old son Will. I love watching his face light up when he knows he’s about to see one of his buddies we were so lucky to meet at the local libraries. So in alphabetical order: Charlie, Henry, Ian, Keith, Liam, Maddy, Miranda, Parker and Sam – thank you for making my child so happy. I can remember when most of you couldn’t even hold a shaky egg and now you’re double fisted!

Thank you fellow moms, who give me so much support on a regular basis. As a rookie parent, I sometimes feel exhausted and defeated before we’ve even left the driveway. And there you are on the other end, to sympathize, empathize and share you’re equally “amusing” story in the world of “toddler-ville.” Your endless kindness makes navigating this crazy fun adventure a whole lot easier.

The list of things I’m thankful this holiday are pretty simple: the way the whole house smells while the turkey is roasting away, being able to take a walk in crunchy leaves and admire the beautiful bare tree branches on a sunny day, and a comforting cup of hot apple cider. On the 2010 hit list of improvements: the usual suspects: lose 20 lbs, be better about remembering people’s birthdays, and REALLY feel OK with doing something that is just that – OK and not feel the need to Martha Stewart it every time. Stay tuned…

So amidst all the shopping and chopping, schlepping and prepping, and inevitable “gobble squabble” that happens when you’re trying to get everything done, I hope you all have a fun and delicious Thanksgiving!

And if you’re up for it, please take a moment to share a few thankful thoughts of your own!

Gobble gobble…



  1. I love that your little group is growing together. It is really cool, I love seeing all the pics that Alissa posts

  2. Love the term "gobble squabble"! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and yours have a tremendous Thanksgiving!


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