Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Boy and His Dad

Last night, someone said these really incredible things about Tim as a father. About how they admire his interactions with Liam. About how he takes Liam places and has these unique experiences just the two of of them. A boy and his dad, guys, taking on the world together. And, it just made me so proud. So proud of the wonderful role model he is to Liam and of the tremendous impact he is having on his life.

The best part was coming home and sharing that news with Tim. Being able to share with him news that although our swapping shifts isn't optimal it leaves him with this amazing time to get to know his son and for his son to know him. It leaves them with a bond that will stand the tests of time. It leaves them with a bond so strong, that other people not only notice, but comment on. It's a pretty amazing thing and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

And, Liam is growing up right before my eyes. These past two weeks he has come around to really enjoying school. He let the teacher paint his hand, which nearly had me collapse on the floor. This kid doesn't like ANYTHING on his hands  E-V-E-R. I think that story was the beginning of realizing that he's growing and changing. The following week he let his gymnastics teacher not only touch him but help him do a forward roll and yesterday he let her flip him around the bar. I must stop with my shock and awe. I must start giving him more credit. I must start seeing each day as a clean slate, as a day where all things are possible, even the impossible.

I am very blessed to have such amazing "dudes" in my life. I am so proud of both of them. So lucky that they are part of the fabric of my life.



  1. Thanks, kiddo. I am really touched, and all I can say is that I had the best example of a father that anyone could have ever asked for, and I want to be that for Liam too. I love you guys both a whole lot.


  2. LOVE IT! And 100% agree :) Now stop it you two - you are making me get all teary eyed! BTW - Alissa - you are a darn good mommy too! Liam is one lucky little dude :)


  3. Aaaaand cue Jen crying! Congrats to Tim on being such an excellent, hands-on dad. I needed to read something like this today to remind me how lucky I am to have a hands-on husband.

  4. Dad's are cool. Good jobbo Timmy.

  5. It is pretty awesome when outsiders tell you what an amazing father your husband is.

    And, isn't the fabric of our lives cotton?


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