Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skool Dayz

Liam's very first day of school was today and Tim was lucky enough to be off so we were able to go as a family. He was totally stoked about his lunch box and wanted to eat/drink everything inside it before we even left home.

He did a great job, marched right into the classroom by himself, and off he went. When we came to pick him up he just jibbered and jabbered and was obviously processing all the new things and places and experiences he had had during school. He talked about playing trucks with a young girl and about how they did bubbles and coloring and coloring and bubbles...and, it was awesome.

Parenting is challenging, but the pride you feel when your kid does a great job is second to none.

Rock on, Little Dude!


  1. Excellent!!! I'm so glad he had a great first day. It's nice when they are happy. He's going to have a super fun year.

  2. Give him a hug from his Auntie, Im so proud!

  3. He told somone today, "I go to school yesterday.". So cute.


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