Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shared Moments

Ever since their have been parents. I think there has been a thing or two in each parents' mind that they'd love their kids to be into. Back in cave dude days, I'm sure there was a young father hoping his cave baby would be the best buffalo slayer in the land. And, a cave mamma who wanted nothing more than a cave baby who was handy with the hide and could make the coolest hut in the land.

These days, I think Tim would love if if Liam ended up sharing his passion for cars or became involved in Scouts (Tim's an Eagle Scout).

For me, it's a far more simple love affair. I love watching movies in the theatre. It's something that I have wanted to share with Liam since before we knew if he was a she or a he. Lowes Movie Theatres used to have a program called "Reel Moms" where they kept the lights on low and you could bring your babies, nurse them, etc. Unfortunately when AMC bought them out, it was among the first programs to go--I for one was very disappointed. Anywho, this is something that I would love to share with Liam.

So, on Memorial Day we took him to see Shrek 4. We were fully aware that he might not like it or make it the whole duration of the film. And, we were prepared to leave if he needed to. But, he did WONDERFUL! He loved it! He thought the previews were shows themselves and every time one ended, he asked "More Show?".

Yes, little movie man, more show indeed!

Since then, he has seen Toy Story 3, Shrek 3, and Imagine That all in the theatre. When we pull up now, he asks if we can get some "po'corn" which we do along with a drink. He sits on the very edge of his seat and drinks in each and every moment. Perhaps someday soon, it'll become so normal that I'll stop watching him enjoying the movie and watch a little of the show myself.


  1. That is great Alissa. I am glad that you get to share your passion with Liam, so much fun! We are taking Em and Seamus to see Toy Story 3 pretty soon. We talked about the noise and we are going to bring earplugs just in case it is too loud, but they are sooo excited!

  2. I hope they really enjoy it. We are going to Madagascar next Tuesday. Should be fun.

  3. Oooh, we haven't seen that one, we'll have to get it from the library. I have just been informed that Carousel does free movies for kids, so I am going to look into it.


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