Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monkey Do

(Picture taken once I had stopped the car.)

A month or so ago we were driving from the library to the nature center when I hear a squeal of delight from the back seat. I casually look up in our extension rear-view mirror that lets me see Liam--and he is SWINGING. LIKE. A. MONKEY. from the handle above his car seat! Yeah, that's right little dude undid all 3 clasps of his car seat, stood up, grabbed on and went for a a ride.

"Dude, you could get mamma arrested for this sh@#!"

Needless to say I pulled over, walked around the car while silently acknowledging the creativity and determination of the endeavor, buckled him in and gave him the following speech.

"Everyone in this car has to wear a seat belt of one sort or another. Mamma loves you and doesn't want you to get hurt. A police man might not find this funny and mamma could get in big trouble and that my friend would mean no more lollipops."

It seems to have worked, as this shenanigan was only attempted one more time.

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