Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too Cute.

Every morning is sort of the same around here. Before we head down for breakfast I always dry my hair. Liam acts a little like an adoring kitten during this time and brings me all sorts of "great catches"...could be a piece of a toy, a diaper, sometimes he lucks out and finds some piece of sugary goodness lying around. Sort of a Forrest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates, never know what you're gonna get." thing, but it works for us.

Well, that was until one random day during May when he hadn't brought me any "catch of the day" items. I finished up what I was doing and went on a hunt for Liam. Granted, this usually ends up with him having posed himself someplace and when I find him, he tells me "Too Cute". And, until this fatefull day it had always been "Too Cute.".  But, NO not THIS day. As I peered around the corner to the bathroom I found him elbow deep in toliet water having soaked near half a roll of toliet paper which he removed and "wrung out" in his potty only to repeat the process.

I must confess I nearly tossed my cookies.


Hello world, meet little boy!


  1. It'll get even more interesting with the toilet, trust me. When Toby was about that age, he dropped a hot wheels car in the pot, and then tried to flush it. Needless to say, it only went so far and then everything stopped. That was the start of "remodeling" the bathroom. Which, now that I remember it, only went so far and that stopped as well!

  2. Nate has gone fishing in ours for Lightning McQueen!


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