Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Oh my, My"

(Since I'm out of town and not sure what my Wi-Fi options will be, check out this hilarious post from my sister-in-law Crystal. You can read more of her antics at Oh My Deary.)

I wasn't going to repeat any of this...
I'm going to embarrass myself and post it anyways.
Chris left me home alone today and did not, *I repeat* did not find a sitter for me. LOL
Okay.. On with it!

I was driving behind this crazy looking guy. I don't say that to be rude but this guy was seriously crazy looking. He was riding on a Neon green Moped/Scooter deal. We were stopped at this traffic light and it was taking Foorevver. I'm noticed this guy had a Black leather iPOD!! Stuck to his ankle. I was like hmmm. I don't think I've ever saw an I-pod on someones ankle before. I was thinking to myself how weird that was.

Then I started going into my *I'm_a_woman_and_I_over_analyze_anything_and_everything_frame_of_mind*(Mind you this is all that was going through my mind at the time, in the following.)

I was like hmmm. Maybe he has to wear the iPod on his ankle because he doesn't have a radio on his scooter, maybe it's because his jacket is too tight and it won't fit on his arm, that can't be an iPod... How do the headphones get up to his ears??? Ohhh. He sticks them up his pants! hahaha.. Nooo. That's pretty gross who would do that. Oh I hope he turns his head so I can see if he has head phones on. This is just too weird! **Guy looks left & right** When he looked left he had something white in his ear. Then I thought "Well maybe I'm just behind on times.. maybe evverythingggg is wireless now" Then the guy turns his head right. Nothing white. . . Man this guy is just too weird ~~~ GREEN LIGHT! We start driving.. Still thinking about all of this. Driving, Driving, Driving.

Cops pull him over.

*Proceed to hardware to pick up Chris for Lunch*

I told Chris my lil' ordeal on the way to get him... He's laughing at me, laughing, laughing, giggling, laughing.... He's like TETHER CRYSTAL!!! THE GUY YOU SAW WAS WEARING A TETHER NOT A WIRELESS iPOD!!!

*hysterical laughter*

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