Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there, especially Tim.

This year I celebrate Rich, Tim's dad. Although we never had the chance to meet I know that he must have been an amazing man...a tremendous father. I know this by the way Tim parents Liam. Rich must have been an amazingly loving man, because I have never met anyone who was able to love so completely as Tim. To say Tim's heart is worn on his sleeve for Liam doesn't quite express it completely enough. He is so proud of Liam and so proud of loving him...Liam doesn't yet know how lucky he is to have Tim as his father.

I also hear that Rich and I would have gotten along well, because we share humor as a core value in life. And, I know Rich would loved the humor of his son's son. Liam cracks us up daily. So Rich's humor carries on in a pint size body that loves to make the world laugh.

And, Tim is the kindest person I have ever met. From the moment I first met him I would have described him in a word as "kind". And, now 6 1/2 years later I would still use that word to describe Tim over any other word. I think kindness is one of those things that must be learned by observing, watching and feeling the effects of kindness. So, I know that Rich must have been very kind as well. And, Liam has learned his kindness from Tim. Liam often offers up the first bite of something to someone else. Offers, to share his toys with other kids.

Liam has the most amazing role model in Tim. As, Tim had the most amazing role model in Rich.

I am so blessed to be part of a family with such love, kindness, laughter and fun.


  1. Rich was an awesome man. He was a great friend to my family. He taught me how to jitter bug :) He always called me Good Golly Miss Molly and I think of him whenever someone else calls me that.

  2. I love that he taught you to jitterbug. Good Stuff. And, I love the Good Golly Miss Molly part. :)

  3. Great Post- 2 thumbs up, hot mama.

  4. Thanks, sweetheart. Like I said last night, you really touched me with this. I've said for a long time that the worst part of my dad passing away so young is that Liam (and Emma, Seamus, Evelyn, and Leah) never got to meet him and know what an awesome grandpa he would have been. He's my example in being a dad to Liam, and I just want to be sure that Liam knows, through how I act, how much his Grandpa Enders loved him.


  5. Nothing like starting my day in tears...good ones though. I am so proud of Tim as a dad! Kindness is indeed such an important quality to have. Nice post Alissa!

  6. Well said Alissa- Even though we weren't lucky enough to meet Rich, we are lucky enough to meet him through all of the wonderful Enders men we know! Emmalise can't wait to slide down some rainbows with him in heaven some day :-) I love Good Golly Miss Molly too :-)

  7. <3 this post... thanks for sharing.


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