Monday, May 3, 2010


Tummy Troubles

18 months after giving birth, I am close to my pre-pregnancy weight, but nowhere near my pre-prego body. There is one area where I just can’t seem to lose the weight - my tummy. In my defense I did look like I had a basketball in my belly which turned out to be an 8lb 13oz boy.

For the first year the tummy troubles weren’t that bad. I found clothes to hide the extra baggage pretty well (including some of my maternity wear). And since I was nursing my breasts were large enough to compensate for my bulging belly. Plus, it wasn’t like I could diet and nurse – right? I mean I had to eat for my son. Those cookies, brownies, and after dinner snacks were for his own good!

But, then he turned a year old and away went the nursing and sadly the boobies, too. The only thing looking full and perky in my shirt was my cantaloupe sized tummy! So, I began to work out and then joined a gym and watched what I ate. And after 3 whole weeks of this I just couldn’t believe I didn’t have 6 pack abs.

I’ll keep on working out and watching what I eat (although those brownies call to me every morning). But, I figure at 18 months he’s still young enough to blame these flabby abs on and when he runs over to give me a hug or smiles up at me the last thing on my mind are my tummy troubles.


  1. I think you look gorgeous! In fact, I am jealous!


  2. I'm totally jealous too. And I love the photo, it's too cute.

    He does have the best "melt you in a moment" smile. And, that laugh, especially at the "Arf! Arf!" is so wonderful.

  3. Aww, thanks Ladies! I do believe we are our own worst enemy and therefore I am hardest on myself.

  4. oops that was from Alisyne


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