Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who needs sleep?

When Liam was an infant we were obviously up at all hours of the night attending to him. We were sleep deprived, but we didn't know any better. Then, he started to sleep longer and longer periods of time and has been sleeping thru the night for what feels like eons now. But, right before we left for the holiday weekend he was awake ALL NIGHT and heaven help was miserable. I can't imagine how people have a second child. Does your whole body scream out with memories of full nights of sleep??


  1. they say you don't sleep again till they are 18 but thats a lie too because you worry about them even more then. sleep is like gold when you can get it take as much as possible. lol

  2. from day one my 6 week old has slept through the night...11:30pm until 7:30am. he's a consistent little guy. however, with how rapid babies grow and change, i think i'm gonna go knock on wood now, for the 'sleep deprivation' gods might be reading this...

  3. @ Angenette: that's awesome. Go you for winning the baby sleep lottery. :)

    (And, knocking on a little wood couldn't hurt.)


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