Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing in Traffic

I'm not normally a parent who tells their kid to go "play in traffic" but since the highway we took to New York today was completely closed not once but TWICE on our journey we decided to let him stretch his legs. He thought it was pretty cool, although the "mother of the year" police will be happy to know that I did make him hold my hand to cross the highway. I figure I at the very least get partial credit for that.

These agonizingly long trips up the East Coast I dare say are becoming normal. At Christmas time it took us 9 hours to this trips 8. But, that time was because we left all of our clothes at home. We tried to use our iPhones to find an Old Navy, but it took us instead into the projects of Podunk, PA to what we can only assume used to be an old Army Navy surplus store. When we finally did find a place to pick up some duds it was two days before Christmas and picked over as one can imagine. So we had to pick up things that "fit" and not things that we "liked". Here you can see that I made sure we packed the clothes this go round by putting them on our tree as we packed the car.

In a final note of humor, we let the little guy run around naked all morning as he has had quite a battle with Mr. Diaper Rash these days. And, while buck naked he found a pair of bunny ears, fastened them to his head and popped out from behind a container of blocks to proudly delcare, "BUNNY HEAD!!".


  1. Lol. Thanks for the laugh. Sorry about the trip taking so long but glad you arrived safely.

  2. I'm glad it made you laugh. It made me laugh that after 30 minutes of sitting at a complete stop (car in park) we got out and people started honking.

    Um...maybe you should've started honking 15 minutes ago when the lady two cars up started a dance party outside her car.

    But what does it really matter?? We're. Not. Moving. Genius.


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