Sunday, April 4, 2010

No Looky Looky

I love this picture of Liam and his cousins at the local Easter Egg Hunt here in Upstate New York. Not a single one of them looking at each other or the camera, just stonewalling me and my picture taking. Hrmph.

We've had a great Easter with the family and particularly in watching the cousins play together.

My favorite moment was this morning in church after the opening hymn/song when the church fell completely silent and he started chanting, "more song! more song! more song!". Kind of adorable and he quieted down until they sang another song and then when it was over he was back to chanting again "more song! more song! more song!". But, once the priest started in on the homily he drifted off to la-la land for the rest of the service.

It's one of those moments when I was really proud of him and me. I had thought on the drive to the church that I could just go to the "cry room" and hang out back there with the other kiddos since he's not really used to church. And, then I stopped myself and thought, "Why wouldn't I allow him the opportunity to be successful?" "Why would I take him to the cry room expecting him to "fail"?" Not really fail but be noisy. My job as a parent is to set him up for success and to allow him to be successful in his own right. And, he delivered as he almost always does. Anytime we are nervous that he'll act like...well...a kid. He delivers a rock star performance.

My blessing to be especially thankful for this Easter is the honor of having him in my life.


  1. Cute story and I am sure the parishioners around you got a chuckle out of it.

  2. Love it!! And great job, Momma!! You are so right, the only way to know how they will react in certain situations is to expose them, go with the flow... and most importantly: always have a Plan B and possibly C & D ready. ;)


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