Monday, April 5, 2010

Frenzied Sputnik

Let's set the mood for this particular scene, shall we?

After a sugar infused weekend and a 6 hour trip home the little dude was more than a bit thrilled to be home. So thrilled in fact, that he was just spinning endless circles so quickly that he couldn't stand up straight. He cried only when he was too dizzy to stand up and continue spinning like the Tazmanian Devil on speed.

A few hours home and Tim and I had unpacked and were in the midst of making dinner. Steak juice on Tim's fingers and my back to the whole scenario, the following ensues.


Tim: Liam don't do that.

Tim: Liam please stop it's going to...

*And because we know the third time is a charm* 


Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...spizzle...frrrrrt...a Diet Coke can goes whizzing around the kitchen spurting high fructose corn syrup and Nutrasweet on every surface high and low including the three of us. Liam dashes away from the frenzied can of Coke trying to make like Sputnik and take off right there in our kitchen. It burbles and fizzles until every last drop is gone.

And, then we clean, but our buddy doesn't want to be left out...

and so he cleans too.


  1. Can you send him over to our place I can put him to work. Lol.

  2. They make a regular Swiffer that you can just put half a handle on. Most of his friends have them.

    Moms agree, if they want to clean, then by all means.


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