Saturday, April 10, 2010


Liam is all about babies these days. He has a doll that just this week he insists on taking everywhere with him. And while he's in the carseat he teaches the baby all sorts of to high five, kiss, drink milk, etc.

He is uber-fascinated with "real" babies. He likes to tickle them and touch their hands. At our Friday play activity he walked up to a baby in a walker and just held her hand for awhile, I melted. It was so sweet.

There was also a baby at Art School this week and he barely touched the baby's foot and it flinched, he cracked up. "Liam tickle baby AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" over and over again.

Above he is with DH. He loved tickling and touching and taking care of him. With the exception of the moment he put his finger all the way in DH's mouth, he was just tender and loving.

I love seeing how sweet and caring he is. He's a good boy and we are very blessed to have him in our life.

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