Saturday, March 6, 2010

Technological Panic Attack

I was pretty proud of myself for flopping out of bed before the alarm even went off. To be honest, I really hadn't even set the alarm--I was using Liam for that. I showered, dressed for work, and thought I'd hit up Panera to pick up both breakfast and lunch since my job today doesn't afford a lunch break today. I made it Panera, was feeling groovy about how pulled together I was today--and then about 25 minutes into my day I realized that I had never unplugged my phone from the wall and placed it in my work bag. Arghhhh!

I contemplated spending an entire day without it and decided that was crazy talk. So, I took a 45 minute detour, went back thru the tolls that I had already paid for, paid again and zoomed home at a leisurely 80mph. (I know, such a law breaker.) Popped into the house, snagged my cellular security blanket and went on my merry way. Still managed to make it here on time...whew! I'm $6 bucks poorer in tolls, but I have a little something to keep me busy and connected to the world.

Perhaps I need an intervention. Because, this post looks a whole lot like a serious phone addiction.

I think I'll try the completely pulled together look tomorrow when I head down out of town for a workshop. Who knows, it might even look good on me.


  1. I totally understand this and would've paid the $6 too! hahaha.

  2. I also left it at home this morning and didn't go back to get it. Wouldn't you know? It was today that someone called that I needed to answer.

    C'est la vie!


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