Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello Spring.

We are absolutely loving this weather this week. Mid-70's, you are welcome in Baltimore any time you like.

In our adventures outdoors today, two cute things happened.

First, when leaving our play group this morning it was the first time that the sun had warmed his car seat to hot this year. And, he was all "hot" "HOT" "HOT!!!!!". As we were heading home apparently he thought I looked a little toasty too and said, "Mamma hot!". Now I know he was talking temperature, but sweetheart, anytime you call Mamma "hot"...YOU WIN. Free ice cream for you!

Then, this afternoon, as he was playing with a friend here a gust of wind blew across a few leaves on the ground and they tumbled around on the pavement in a circle. To which he declared "trees running".

I love this kid.


  1. Both so cute! I am glad you are capturing all of this, unfortunately otherwise you forget all of those little cute sayings and such. At least I have forgotten a lot, I still need to write things down. Love hearing about it!

  2. Glad you like it. I remember that we had to spell "later" with Emma because she thought that was what M & M's were called.

    And, that she took her sippy and was flinging water all around saying "Water Water Everywhere" like the book you were reading.

    And, my favorite spinning around feverishly and then declaring "dizzy robot" which is what Tim and I use to describe anyone who has a "buzz" going on. "Dizzy Robot!"


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