Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drunken Leprechaun

Tim's mom came down for the weekend and graciously offered to watch the little guy while we went out on a bona fide date. Being that it was the weekend before St. Patrick's Day we went out to a movie "Green Zone" (like the green correlation?) and then to an Irish pub. In fact, the same Irish pub where we had our rehearsal dinner. Anywho, all of that is neither here nor there with regard to the photo above.

Since there was a long wait and a table opened up in the bar we decided to dine there right in the mix of things. Well, (guy above)...we'll call him drunken leprechaun had apparently decided that he was going to go home with someone anyone in the over 40 age bracket. He was a happy enough guy and was checking out my Irish martini. Asking me what was in it? Was it any good? And then he sauntered back to his table and ordered a few for the ladies. Offered a few ladies the opportunity to share his. (blech) It was hard to know whether the ladies were into him, figured he was a harmless yet entertaining way to enjoy the night, or were simply mooching free drinks off of him. Whichever way it was, he and his crooked bow tie provided us with several hours of amusement as we dined.

Hooray for date night with bonus entertainment.

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