Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Go

As you read in my previous post we are stuck under a rather snug blanket of snow these days. And, we are expected to have the Universe throw down the gauntlet again with 10-20 inches more snow before all is said and done with tomorrow. That said, we felt the need to walk, no run, out of the house today and do things since apparently one day in the house will be simply too much to bear.

We bolted straight to our nearest indoor playground. I mean we wouldn't to get all cold or anything. Let the little dude exhaust himself for awhile competing with other children for scraps of plastic fruit and taking turtles out of their shells. All in a days work for the toddler set. Then, we decided that we better treat ourselves to lunch out because it could be a WHOLE DAY before we could partake in such frivolity again. We went to our local Mexican restaurant (and by that I mean National Chain that rhymes with Silly's) for a quick bite before nap time.

While we were finishing up, waiting for our waiter to bring us a box for our son's pizza. That's right good old Italian food at the Mexican joint. Anywho, the hubs and I were chattering away when we looked down to see that the little man was putting a piece of pizza in his pocket. Apparently he too thought the waiter was taking far too long for that box. I think he might be starting a trend.

Waiter: Need anything else?
Customer: Nope, I think I'll just take this pizza home with me.
Waiter: I'll go get you a box.
Customer: No thanks, dude. I'll just put it in my pocket.

(Very green. Don't you think??)


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