Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow & Football

Who knew that my first post on this blog would be about football? Certainly not me.

You might have heard that we have gotten just a slight dusting of snow out here on the East Coast. You know, like the 2 plus feet kind of dusting. The kind of dusting that makes locals use words like Snopacolypse, Snomageddon, get the picture. And this kind of dramamtic language is not only being used by your every day average local yocal, but by the (ahem) reputable news media outlets as well. Hysteria anyone? Now...wait for it...we are going to get 12-20 inches more tomorrow. I love Mother Nature's sense of humor.

Anyway, I digress from football. All that above to say that we were so delighted when "we" had finally (and by "we" I mean my husband) had finally shoveled out the sidewalk, the cars, and ummmm the road (since the plow never came down our street) that we made a mad dash out to a restaurant for a trip out of the house that we momentarily forgot it was Superbowl Sunday. After our trip to the local micro-brewery we whizzed back home, sat the kid down with some Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and turned on the Superbowl. And, by golly our kid is a football fan (not quite sure where he got that DNA from since we have never watched a football game in our house before). Maybe he picked it up at our friend Jamie and James' house when we went there ONCE for a game. Who knows?? But, the kid, our kid, yelled at the players to "Go! Go! Go!" and "Run! Run! Run!" and when they fell he pointed to them and said "BOOM!" What the heck?!?! Where did this come from. He threw his arms around like he'd been disappointed in bad plays and flags on the play all of his 19 months on this planet. I wasn't sure who he was but the Colts player #31 did something that really rattled his tail feathers and he was all pointing at him and trying to climb out of his high chair to give him the business. I have since researched and his name is Donald Brown, Running Back. So, Mr. Brown you better watch out--one angry baby has your number and he's making a list and checking it twice.

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  1. This story is too cute. I wouldn't want to cross your little guy.


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