Friday, March 30, 2012

The Naked Ladies Had No Idea

When Barenaked Ladies wrote If I Had $1,000,000 they had no idea that Mega Millions would make that amount seem so retro.

Mega Millions is a six-state lottery here in the States that has amassed a jackpot worth $540 Million and counting. The lump sum payout is for $390 million and the next draw is tomorrow evening.

I've never purchased a lottery ticket before, and the odds are insanely small, but wouldn't it be nice?!

What would you do with 390 million smackaroos floating around in your bank account?

Here are five things I'd do (after we were square on all our bills).

1)  Charity: Oh what fun I could have with Pay It Forward with that kind of money. I'd donate a LARGE portion to some of my favorite charities that do great things for women. Life Wrap wouldn't even know what hit them.

2) Travel: I'd leave the country until Liam had to start school. I'd show him the world for the next 18 months. We'd flit from Iceland to Russia, India to Australia, Ireland to Africa and beyond.

3) House: Having a house built is a no-brainer, but I'd love to have a completely Eco-friendly home. Energy efficient appliances at every turn, solar panels on the roof beside the rooftop garden. Lots of nooks and crannies for Liam to get lost in.

4) Diet Coke: I mean, come on, if we're being frivolous here I'd have a fountain Diet Coke tap installed. No more canned or bottled stuff in our house.

5) Baltimore: I love Baltimore and I'd meet with the city to see if we could find a way to turn the school system around here. It's atrocious and needs to be fixed. I'd love to have a part in that.

What would you do?

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