Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kids Are For Comic Relief

Dude, my kid was hysterical on Friday. Here's a glimpse of some of his more laugh-worthy moments.

Liam: "What's your name?"
Girl: (silence)
Liam: "My name's Liam. What's your name?"
Girl: (silence)
Liam: (turns around to 3 small girls behind him, and references "silent" girl) Maybe she needs a little time to warm up to me. But, no worries--she will."


Later that day at the Target Clinic...

Doctor: (places pulse ox meter on Liam's finger)
Liam: "Are you making me into Buzz Lightyear?"

Doctor: (types into computer)
Liam: "My daddy plays a song on a radio in his car. (sings) I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR!"
Doctor & Me: *crack up hysterically*

Doctor: I'm going to check your ears.
Liam: (starts to wiggle)
Me: "Does that tickle?"
Doctor: "What rhymes with tickle?"
Liam: "How about pickle? (pause) Or fickle? (pause) Or nickel?"
Doctor: "OMG and those are real words! You can come back here anytime."

Have you blogged funny kid stuff before?

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