Friday, March 23, 2012

The Case of the Epic Nail Fail

Interpreters can't wear flashy nail polish as it distracts from their work...(ahem) the message as it were.

So, with a week off and St. Patrick's Day on the horizon last weekend, I decked my fingernails out in a loud shamrock-fabulous green for the occasion.

Upon arrival home, I made sure to remove the polish before going to work, and AACK! it dyed my nails neon green. NEON!

Liam kept going on about about how "Mamma, your nails GLOW!"

Thanks kid. I know.

So, I bought some beige-y looking grandma polish and put a few coats on while we watched Dolphin Tale together. Huzzah!

Except, when I went upstairs to leave it became more than apparent that my nails now were Glow-in-the-Dark yellow instead of green.


Off I went to the store again, this time for MAUVALICIOUS which did the trick and will be doing the trick every single day until my nails grow out.

The plus?

Every single time I look at my at my nails I am reminded of my Grandma Molly who loved very few things more than she loved the color mauve.

I have to think she's looking down rather pleased about the whole ordeal.

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