Monday, January 23, 2012

Neon Green, Naked Ladies and Me

As evidenced above, my son's room could also double as a green screen. The next time you need to shoot an Attack of the Zombies vlog or a faux weather report, just give us a call.

Three weeks in and I've learned a lot about shooting video already, many lessons were learned from the shoot today and well...I'm going to save all those gems for the end of this series.

I love the Barenaked Ladies and was so glad to see one of their songs not only in the running, but to come away with a win as well. My absolute favorite is Call and Answer...but it's fun to hear Liam sing "Million Dollars!" all day long too.

A few years ago BNL did a series of YouTube videos called the "Bathroom Sessions" and I wanted to make an ode to that with this, but we couldn't get the video just right. Maybe another time...

For now here's my rendition of If I Had $1,000,000.


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