Friday, September 2, 2011

Courtney's Story: Where were you on 9/11?

I'm a see it to believe it kind of girl when it comes to most everything. I don't get emotional, or upset unless I am involved in something first hand. Sometimes I think that qualifies me as insensitive, but it's not like I can help it. Same goes for September 11th 2011. Honestly there were two things I was worried about 1.) I hope Alissa (my sister) is NOT working at the pentagon today, and 2.) I wonder if I'll get out of school early today because I have a test last period. Give me a break I was a sophomore in high school, and at a point in my life where everything revolved around me and the homework I didn't do the night before. I remember walking into my speech class, and being the first one to inform my teacher to turn on the TV. The entire hour we sat there eyes glued to the TV, pretty much the theme of the entire day. At that time I took the bus to my grandparents house after school, and they were unaware of what had happened also. Looking back, I was very naive about what happened and the results of this and I think it's partially because of the whole see it to believe it thing. A terrorist attack is so surreal anyway, that seeing it happen on TV over and over and over again doesn't help change that. I'm not ashamed by that, perhaps a little embarrassed, but as I've grown older and have seen the war my peers are fighting in, it has changed my perspective.

Fast Forward 10 years. Now I live in New York City and have heard many, many heart wrenching stories about 9/11, I've passed by the fire station that lost every single man, I'm reminded about the health insurance that is or isn't being offered to survivors even still in ads on the subway. My coworkers tell me about how they weren't allowed to leave Manhattan because every bridge and tunnel was shut down so you had to hope you new someone who had an apartment there. I can see the new World Trade Center being built from the window in my office. I think I'm more affected by the attack now than I ever was before. I can also see the statue of liberty every morning when I walk to the subway, reminding me of how lucky I am to live in a place so amazing, for so many reasons. 

I think it's unfortunate that we had to defend ourselves against terrorists from another country before addressing the ones who exist in ours, but in all of her glory America is still resilient and above all beautiful, if you look in all of the right places.

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