Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brian's Story: Where were you on 9/11?

We sent Arno & Schoony to the marina for ice as was needed every couple of days.  It was a 12 mile trek each way to Bull Frog marina and we figured that they would enjoy an ice cream cone or maybe a cruise down one of the beautiful slot canyons on their way back.  Typically, it would be a 2 hour boat trip or so.  We looked forward to the stories of civilization and how high the rock was that they jumped off on the way back.  This day they came back unusually quick.

One of the best parts of Lake Powell is the fact that you are completely removed from everything.   No regular contact with people with exception of whom you are down there with which always makes the trip special.  No cell phones, internet, or contact with the outside world.  You really can just check out and enjoy the unbelievable natural scenery of what I consider to be one of the most awesome places on earth.

When the boys got back to camp, they shared that two fisherman had flagged them down and asked if they had heard?  America had been attacked.  They did not have many details other than they said the twin towers were destroyed.  It seemed like a bad joke.  Why would they say this?  It really was a sick joke right?  With no news media available to us, we started to wonder if this was even possible.  This was Tuesday and we were staying until Saturday.

The stars are absolutely amazing at Powell with little or no unnatural interference of light.  Sitting around the campfire at night is awe inspiring.  You also often see satellites and it is a regular flight pattern for planes (probably to Vegas).  You can tell whether it is a plane or satellite if the lights are blinking.  As we sat around the campfire Tuesday night, someone commented that we had not seen a plane fly over in some time.  It seemed innocent enough at the time but I think we all started paying attention, at least subliminally, to why this was.  After about two hours, it really started to become a bit freaky.  Why are there no planes flying over us when it was so common?   Could there be some truth to what these fishermen had spoken of?

As we sat around the fire each night, we pondered what was going on in the world that we so far removed from currently. Could it really be possible?  Ironically, I don’t remember any discussion of leaving early.   In reality, what could we do to help if we were at home? 

With each day, we noticed that there was considerably less traffic on the lake.  In hindsight, I believe that most abandoned their trips to get home and see what was going on.  Not this crew, we were still wakeboarding at dawn with a bloody in hand.  Call it denial.

I tip my hat to Sean Dellor when he point blank said that this was the work of Osama Bin Laden.  Who??  I had not ever heard this name and am still amazed that Sean was so clued in.  Note to self:  You may want to follow current events a little more closely in the future.

The only person I remember that really was getting somber was Laura.  Her mother and aunt were in NY and with each day she got more reclusive.  Looking back again, I am sure she wanted the heck out of there just to check on her loved ones.  If I actually knew that the Pentagon had been attacked too (where my sister Alissa was doing work), I would have been her ride home in a heartbeat!   Still can not imagine how close this tragedy was to you Alissa.

We pulled in to an almost empty Marina on Saturday morning.  Very rare as this the day that most trips start/end.  No eye contact and no small talk.  Very Somber mood but we still had no actual news.  Paper stands were sold out.  I laugh to think about the instant information that is available via our smart phones now.  We packed up and left.  Now when I say Powell is remote, we could not get a radio channel for almost 3 hours.  When we did and started hearing the reports, I do not think there could have been 10 words spoken between the four of us.  No shit?  This really DID happen?  I couldn’t wait to get them dropped off at the airport to get home and see the news.

Saturday-Tuesday----Did not leave the house.  WOW!!  There was not a news article or story that I did not want to see.  I felt that I had missed so much.  I still can’t believe it some 10 years after the fact.

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