Monday, August 29, 2011

On The Go: State Fair

Since this is Have Stroller Will Travel I thought I'd start writing a series called "On The Go" about our adventures here in Baltimore and beyond. I don't have any particular schedule for it, but as we find great events and I remember to take pictures I plan to post.

This was our third year at the Maryland State Fair and really Liam's first year where he expressed strong interest in doing one thing or another. Where he was finally tall enough to ride the rides and indulge in almost everything there was available to him.

He was so excited by all these flags. I was very excited that he didn't beg me to sing the National Anthem as he often does if a flag is anywhere in sight.

Liam loved the Home Ec section. We looked at this adorable Despicable Me cake that took first prize, a cake that looked exactly like a pizza and many with bugs of one sort or another made out of fondant.

This was a great game put on by our local 4-H club where the kids had to try and accurately guess what over 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables were. Liam did pretty good and they even stumped me on one or two.

Ahh, yes! The soy bean pit. I need not tell you that he loved driving cars and trucks through the soy beans. He however didn't like any "beans" getting between his toes so he spent more time like this than playing with the trucks. He did finally rig up a solution by finding a huge truck that he could rest his feet on while he played with some others.

His one and only ride and he didn't want to give it a second go, so we gave his tickets to someone else. I always try to find a boy about his age for him to give them to.

Tractor pull. He had a good time here and knew just how to use them since our zoo has the exact same ones.

Who doesn't love a good pig race?

That's my boy sporting the enormous pink dolphin that he won in the "duck" game that I continually call the "fish" game until I am corrected. He promptly named her Alvin.

The cutest cob of corn that you ever did see. He is all about these stick your face in the whole and pose behind some image things lately.

Just to the left was a picture of Santa and Liam is now convince that Christmas is going to happen tomorrow. And, if not tomorrow then the next tomorrow and so on and so on.

We finished off our annual trip to the fair with an enormous cone of Moose Tracks. Once he heard MOOSE in the name, he didn't want to entertain the idea of any other flavors.

Do you go to your State Fair?

What's your favorite part?

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