Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lysol {Review/Giveaway}

Anything that makes the life of a mom easier gets bonus points in my book!

Lysol® recently sent me two products for review that have totally helped make this haphazard house cleaner's job a lot easier.

The first thing they sent was the Lysol® Healthy Touch® No-Touch Hand Soap System with its sleek stainless steel-inspired look. The first place we put this little guy was in our main floor bathroom since it's the bathroom of choice for our little guy which means that he and I spend a lot of time in there. I really like that this soap dispenser is sensitive enough to detect the presence of a hand below it, but no so sensitive that we have soap soup in the sink every time my little guy uses it. He can hear the motor starting to work as it pulls the soap down, so he gets an auditory cue that the soap is going to come out. I think that helps to make sure it doesn't become soap mayhem in the bathroom.

Since my use of this or any soap dispenser is usually partnered with that of my toddler I love the No-Touch® system because traditional pumps often offer too much resistance which leads him to place the dispenser on his belly to get resistance and then we have one very soapy-slippery toddler. Since he doesn't have to worry about having the strength and coordination to get soap from this system and since he doesn't have to touch it all it helps to eliminate the millions of germs that we all transfer from our hands every day.

I plan to purchase some vinyl and decorate our pump with the ABC's to remind him how long he should wash for.

The second item that Lysol® sent us I'm having a mad love affair with and they are the Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes: Dual Action. I will use these wipes from this day forward. They have one side that is similar to any other disinfecting wipes that you may have tried on the market, BUT on the other side they have a slightly abrasive surface that helps to get all the dried on lollipop goo and syrup dribbles. They deliver a perfect one-two cleaning punch and keep me from having to have multiple products out during they day. One wipe can tackle the easiest and trickiest of messes around here. And, this mamma loves that.

I'd highly recommend picking up one or both of these products as a nice back-to-school gift for your child's teacher this fall.

Check out the other products Lysol® offers and enter the Lysol® No-Touch® Stainless Kitchen Sweepstakes on the Lysol Facebook page!

Want to win both of these fabulous Lysol® products?

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Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Select and Lysol®. Mom Select and Lysol  provided me with a Lysol® Healthy Touch No-Touch® Hand Soap System and Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes: Dual Action for test/review purposes and agreed to provide the same to one lucky reader as well. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone and were in no way influenced by Mom Select or Lysol®.

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