Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Have you thought about what your kids might "BE" when they grow up?

If their future was to be settled at exactly this moment in time what would you predict they'd do?

Or if you have older kids, have their ambitions changed over time?

Here are 8 jobs that Liam would be good at if he had to choose them at the tender age of 3.

1) Songwriter: (Okay I'll be honest. if this pans out I'll be stoked.) He constantly makes up songs, usually they are complete originals but last week he did his own little mash-up of Old McDonald and B-I-N-G-O.

Old McDonald had a friend
And he lived on his fa-rm.
And on his farm they had a dog.

That's totally money in the bank.

2) Politician: He sees every situation as an opportunity for you to tell him yes. A few weeks ago at the beach he ran up to a group of guys in their late 30's playing soccer and before I could catch up he asked if he could play ball with them and they said YES for a few minutes. It was awesome! I would never have had the courage or gumption to do that. I love that about him and it happens more often than not. It teaches me a good lesson about the power of positive expectations.

3) Broker/Negotiator: He is ALWAYS in the market for a "good deal" and isn't afraid to tell me or anyone else for that matter that they "drive a hard bargain". We talk a lot about compromise here and how you have to give a little to get a little and he's clearly mastered the lesson.

4) Stomper: Maybe they'll come out with an anniversary show of STOMP in 20 years? Or maybe he'll tap dance? Or make wine stomping on grapes? Whatever it is, he is uniquely qualified in this area.  I know I'm his mom and all but he clearly has above average stomping skills and they bring him much joy and happiness.

5) Stand-Up Comic: I mean hello he writes his own material.  It was after his most recent trip to Nana's that he broke out this wisdom. "Mamma, did you know? Did you know that if you try to eat a lobster and it's not dead yet, it might punch you in the teeth. So you better cook 'em first."

You could also watch him dance, it's hysterical and wonderful all at the same time. Just his right leg, below the knee randomly flails out to the side. Worth the price of admission every. single. time.

6) Fisherman: He loves to fish with the pole his Aunt Crystal and Uncle Chris gave to him at Christmas. He is more than happy to cast for hours on end and when daddy asks him how big the fish was he stretches his little arms as far and wide as they can go. So, he's already got the fish tale part right too.

7) Blogger: Almost every single morning he brokers a "deal" by saying that if I could just turn on my computer and pull up Notepad he'll let me sleep in peace for a few more minutes while he "type type types". It buys me a half  an hour of shut eye most days of the week. He has also declared that his blog will be called MustacheMayhem. (It involved Mr. Potato Head, you really don't want to know all the sordid details.)

8) Impressionist: He does the whole animal kingdom quite well, but he's particularly adept at elephant sounds. If you need help herding your neighborhood elephants or find yourself with nary one in sight to take a picture of at Animal Kingdom or your local zoo or frankly on Safari in Africa--he's your guy!

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

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