Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rounding the Corner

It is so very easy to get up in being judged or in thinking you are being judged as a parent. There are more than a few blog posts out there that showcase how condescending and judgmental people can be towards parents.

Happily, this isn't one of those tales.

Quite often after Liam finishes his day at school another mom and I take our kids out for a quick bite to eat. Yesterday we met up and as I was paying for our pizza buffet Liam fell HARD on his rump and the crying and screaming escalated itself into epic proportions with hitting and wailing and flailing. Oh my!

So I took him out and we chatted outside in the rain for a loooong time as I tried to get him to regain control. I wanted to teach him that he has the power to take control of his emotions and I had already paid. Not that losing the money for the meal was going to break the bank, but I wanted to take advantage of hanging out with one of his good buddies if we could round the emotional rollercoaster corner.

And, he did.

We walked back in and no less than a dozen people approached me and told me there were glad we were able to come back in. It was incredible. The manager told Liam that he'd make him whatever kind of pizza he wanted since he had calmed down. A dad approached me at the soda machine (I was getting tea...remember my lenten initiative.) and told me that he completely understood. That he had a son of his own and he was glad we could come back. The folks at the table next to us said nice things and tried to engage him in some talk about the O's. It kept happening, every single time I got up to get something someone made a nice comment.

I will remember this when I am out and about and I see a child who has "rounded the corner". All those people who took a moment to say such nice things warmed my soul.


  1. I love it when stories like this has a happy ending. I am very familiar with tantrums, having survived several public ones, but usually having to bail. I know how awful it is to feel like a zillion eyes are watching you to see how you handle it. I have gotten to the point of assuming that most people are watching to see if we have any new magic tantrum-solving ideas. I mean, when I see a parent trying to distinguish a tantrum, that's what I'm looking for!

  2. It so awesome when people can pump up other parents. There is so many instances when your kids act out and you're more embarrassed for yourself because of how other parents treat you.

    Kudos to you and your little guy. Awesome job rounding the corner and helping him to round the corner!

  3. Cue the next day when he threw a tantrum and a woman remarked. "Look at that child, he is so out of control!" You win some, you lose some.


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