Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hush Little Mamma

"A song that makes you fall asleep."

Jingle Bells.

We have put Liam to sleep to the sounds of Amazing Grace every night since he came home from the hospital.

However, in December I decided to switch things up a bit and added both Jingle Bells and Silent Night to the mix. And, April...he still won't let us sing anything other than Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Amazing Grace (in that order).

Despite all my best efforts I sing and rock us both to sleep nearly every single day. Every morning I promise that I won't put myself to sleep at nap time, and then I do.

Jingle Bells, the unexpected lullaby.

What makes you sleepy?


  1. That's so sweet! Sedona also has songs she likes to have sung to her, in a certain order. Ironically enough, Daddy's song list begins with Summertime, and has been ending with Let it Snow since December.

  2. I love it! Dean's bedtime song has always been "You Are My Sunshine," but I also sing 1970s jingles to him all the time. My mom used to sing them to me, so I guess my mind just associates them with bedtime. He hears the old Coke song a lot (I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company...), as well as an old Sunmaid Raisins song.

  3. @ Jen: I love that you sing him jingles and that your mom sang them to you.

    Forget the world, I'd just like to buy myself a Diet Coke at this point.


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