Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

"A song that is a guilty pleasure."

Oh come on now! Didn't you just break into a smile when you saw what I selected for today? How can you not grin and giggle when this song comes on the radio?! It's another one from the roller rink circa 1980 something. I always used to get a roll of SweeTarts, break it in half and slip into into the 5th pocket of my Levi's before taking a twirl around the rink. 

That and the same awful rectangular pizza that they served at school was also served here. Somehow we saw it as some sort of late-night delicacy when it was served there. Ooh, and every once in a blue moon they had "over-night-skating" aka parent date night that was the bee's knees--but really almost everyone was asleep on the nasty floor with their back against the hard lockers by 2am.

Ahh, the sweet stuff of elementary school. Wonder what Liam will look back on when he's my age?

"Hey guys, remember when we used to sit next to each other and text?"


  1. SPINDERLLA CUT IT UP ONE TIME! I was seriously considering a Salt-n-Pepa song for the prompt from our childhood... I can almost hear the roller-skates.

  2. This is a great guilty pleasure. I love it. Now I will be listening to this all day.

  3. Excellent choice! I love me some Salt 'n Peppa! "This song isn't for everyone, only the sexy people!"

  4. Thanks for all the comment love people. Glad everyone else is a fan too.


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