Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Belly Groove

"A song from your favorite album."

I could listen to Alicia Keys all day long and never tire of the sweet soul in her voice. I  can't remember how I first heard of her or where I was when I first heard her sing but I know it must have been love at the first note.

Every year our family chooses names between the siblings and more often than not I think folks end up drawing the same person. It's funny how it works out that way. My brother Christopher has had me several years and has purchased for me two of the three Alicia Keys albums that I have.

When I was pregnant with Liam I used to blast "No One" from Alicia's As I Am album in the car at a deafeningly high volume and I used to play it at home and bop around to it with him when Tim was at work. I'm positive that it was on my iPod to take to the hospital, but as it turned out when the big day came I didn't actually want any music on at all.

Every time I hear it I think of Liam and those first 9 months in my belly when it was just the two of us grooving around the house as one.

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