Friday, March 4, 2011


If I was limited to giving Little Dude only a single piece of advice in this world, it would be that there are no "Do Overs" in life.

Now all the inspirational books on the planet would have you believe that do-overs are not only possible, but they are readily available for you to partake in at every turn.

Bollocks I say, bollocks.

I lived an entire life under that philosophy and it's one of the biggest lies I was ever told. There are certainly sometimes do-again opportunities, but not always. To count on that is delusional.

I lived my entire life thinking that at some point there would be some giant eraser that would allow me to start over. And, because of that I never really invested in people or places in the way that I should have. This was particularly true in my K-12 years, when I thought that when I left home there would be some magic reset or do over button that would just wipe out my life before then and allow me to start anew. And, while I did get to start anew somewhat the fact of the matter is that life stays with you. The decisions you have made, the moments you have chosen to participate in or conversely to sit out stay with you. They shape who and what you become and there is no escaping that.

"Do!" everyday and don't worry about making anyone else proud.

Make yourself proud of everything you do!

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