Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Swoon

Why are kids great?

THIS is why kids are great!

Three seasons ago we fell in love with the Amazing Race reality TV show. Sunday evenings for the most part tend to be a time when neither of us have to work. And, so it became this once a week ritual where we would actually both be home and we would choose to unplug from our computers and enjoy a show together. We would banter back and forth about how if we were on the show who would do which parts and what our strengths as individual and as a couple would be.

Then about half way through the last season we decided to let Liam stay up an extra hour on Sunday evenings and watch it with us. He knew we liked the show and would tuck in with us on the couch like a big boy. It was great, but honestly not something I gave much though to until a few weeks ago.

We went to make up a gymnastics class that we had missed and then with nothing else on the agenda decided to go to the play area inside our local mall. We went upstairs to grab some lunch and since that place was full, we took our food down to the food court to find a table.

I told Liam we needed to look around for a table while I handled our bags of food, two drinks, the diaper bag and making sure he didn't run in to people when he turned around and looked at me with a face full of glee and said, 'This is JUST like 'mazing Race."

That's right kiddo, life's an adventure.


  1. I like the way Little Dude sees the world :)

  2. If only every day was one giant race with a million bucks at the end?!


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