Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pick Me! Pick Me!

(Photo: Nick Hobgood)
Admittedly, I'm a little fish in the big pond of blogging. But, Nemo was small and look what became of him? Little fishy got himself a movie about his life story and some excellent merchandising profits. I mean, hellooo, he's on diapers, swimsuits and a made in his image stuffed animal just to name a few. All because he kept on believing in himself and changing things up a bit as his world changed.

He also made great connections with other fish along the way, like when he was in the aquarium at the dentist's office, which is a great correlation to me and this blog-- the little blogger going to the Type-A Parent conference. I might be little but I'm willing to learn, to change and to share what I know with other bloggers. No matter the size of our audience we all have the ability to share great ideas for content, layout, or a really great widget that makes our readers more engaged. This past summer I had the opportunity to attend a huge blogging conference where the connections I made were the big highlight for me. Those connections became relationships with women...with moms...who continue to inspire me to this day.

But, Nemo wasn't the only one with with a nugget of wisdom to share. I think Tortoise of The Tortoise and The Hare fame had it right too when he said "Slow and steady wins the race." It's so easy to get caught up in all the different on-line communities, to raise your Klout score, your Twitter followers, your subscribers--but if doing so causes you to lose focus and to alienate your readers--then what was the point to begin with? I believe in growing my blog organically and interacting with people, blogs and brands with whom I have a connection with. From everything I have heard out and about in the blogosphere, Type-A-Parent is just this kind of conference. A conference that is intimate enough that it can provide bloggers with strong connections and learning opportunities and large enough to pack in tons of fun.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about the wisdom of a non-animated celebrity, Sandra Bullock. I don't know if you remember when she just got started? When she was a little fish in the giant fish tank called Hollywood? I do. I remember clearly the stories of how she used to bring donuts to the set for the cast and crew. Not because she had to, but because she wanted to! She was excited to have this new opportunity before her, thankful to share it with her co-workers. And more than a little bit smart, I mean everyone loves donuts.

So, I'm not saying I will, but I'm not saying I won't.

But, pick me and there might be some free donuts in it for you.

Pick me! Pick me!

**The Type-A Parent conference is happening in Asheville, NC this June and I'd really love to go. Social Media Moms is hosting a competition amongst 33 bloggers, of which I am one. It's kind of like Amazing Race meets blogging, how cool is that?! We have four challenges to complete over the course of the next week. This post is the first of them, whereby we write about "why we are meant to win (using a dash of celebrity)".  If you'd like to follow on Twitter the hashtag is #TypeACeleb.**


  1. I hope you have a great time! I totally want to go to Type A! This year is out due to baby number two's arrival, but I'm hoping for next year.

  2. Good luck! THEY will be bringing YOU the donuts!! --Julia

  3. Oh, they should so pick you! Meeting you at that blogging conference last year was a highlight for me. Your blog was great back then but I can how you've taken your learnings and made it even better. I see your commitment to your blog, to your readers and to being authentically you. While you've implemented tools and tips you learned, you always stay true to who you are and I respect that beyond words.

    Readers aren't dumb. They know who is real and who isn't. You are an amazing mother, writer, person and the Type A Conference will be a better place if you are there.


  4. Awww, ladies! Thanks so much. There was a Facebook challenge today over at the Type-A Parent conference page if you are interested.

    Thanks for all the support!

  5. Alissa, Good luck with the contest...I know you'll do well. I love your Pick Me post. You have shown great creativity and talent over the past year that you have been blogging! I have learned so much from you! Love ya, Jan

  6. Alissa- I have always enjoyed your blog as well! I get excited for you with the conferencing and connecting with other bloggers and having such a creative impact with something you have a natural knack for! Good luck :-)

  7. i hope you get to go your story was great!!!!

  8. Love the story and that you have implemented the things you have learned and continue to learn. Good luck I hope they pick you.


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