Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As a self-proclaimed lover of Valentine's Day I find it more that a little ironic that I didn't post yesterday.

Mother Nature sent us one heck of a Valentine though. When Little Dude and I left the nature center is was 70 degrees.

Wooo Hoo!

We spent the morning watching geese at the beach, winning all sorts of fabulous prizes at the nature center shindig (and we learned about animal heartbeats--kinda cool), then we wandered over to a playground where we had the whole thing to ourselves.

All that sandwiched between doses of sugary valentine candy.

Topped off by the fact that I took last night off to hang out with my dudes. Perfect-o!

Lil' Dude is off at his school Valentine's Day party right now, getting more than a double dose of sugar and fun.

Can't wait to hear all about it.

How did you celebrate?


  1. sounds like a perfect valentines day. I had lunch with my son a real treat since he is all big and grown up and living on his own. then dinner with my hubby.

  2. @Stampmouse: Glad you had such a nice celebration too. I like to pretend that my little guy will always be 2. :D


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