Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Word

Reverb '10 is a project that asks you to reflect on the past year and manifest what is to come in the new year. In my mind it's a project that asks you to find your center if you've lost it and to strengthen it if you know exactly where you are.

After a month of prescriptive blogging during November with my Pay it Forward project, I didn't want to commit to daily blogging about a particular theme in December as well. But, I thought I'd select some of the writing prompts that spoke to me and single them out.

One of the writing prompts was written by Gwen Bell who asks how you would describe 2010 in a single word. If I had to chose a single word to define my 2010 it would be "dangling". This entire year has left me feeling a little like I was a spider hanging at the bottom of a single flimsy thread of silk. Not firmly attached to anything, just sort of bobbing and swaying in the breeze--never firmly attached to any thing or any place.

I don't think this is always a bad thing, sometimes you just have to float along and see where the winds take you. Sometimes that's how you find new opportunities or new people--new experiences. For me though, I think it's been a bit of an aimless year. I have always defined myself by work. Since I was about 7 or 8 years old, I have always known that the world of work would be a place I would find success and personally be rewarded. I do still work in the evenings and on weekends (and I am very thankful for the work I have), but it's not the same. It's not the same kind of work. It's not the same caliber of work. I miss the clickety-clack of heels and the feel of a smart suit. But, I wouldn't trade working with people I don't know for the experience of raising my son...ever. That said, it doesn't mean that I'm not still struggling to find my footing in this new world.

What would be the "one word" you would use to describe your 2010?

Click here to see how I anticipate describing 2011.


  1. Frustrating--Julia

  2. @ Karen: I'm a nut. At first I thought you meant my post was confusing.

    @ Karen & Julia: Here's to a better 2011!!

  3. Oh no! Not confusing what-so-ever!! :) I've had a very confusing year with Hamilton/Sidearm Sports and never knowing the outcome of my position among other things! Hehe! I LOVE these kind of post!

  4. Alissa- that is really insightful. Kind of similar to me in that we are both trying to make light of a difficult situation and looking for the positive direction and newness it will bring. For that, I am excited for you!! My word is "renew"

  5. As I try to keep my recent struggles from defining my whole year, I would have to sum up 2010 with the word "adjustment." There have been many. Going from being the mother of one to two, from working to not working again, of attitudes and outlooks. The ride has left me a little overwhelmed to say the least-but as I look back I find a year filled with more insight and growth than in many years past. A trend I wouldn't mind continuing in 2011.

  6. I've been debating which word to use from overwhelming to knocked down (2 words I know) but have settled on messy. I have always been a bit of a messy person, but this year has been messy in every way possible. we had our kitchen remodeled and some work done in other areas of our house which left us with a construction zone for months. on top of the normal mess there was dust everywhere and once you cleaned it it appeared again. then we had a flood in our basement - a sewage over flow flood - the definition of mess! while it has been cleaned up none of the remodeling work has been accomplished leaving our basement a mess and our attic a mess as we store all of our basement things up there and our first floor a mess and all of our sons toys now are in one floor in two not so big rooms. its hard to feel at peace when everything around you is a mess! ~ Alisyne

  7. @ Allison: I love "renew" and think it's such a great word for the new year.

    @ Courtney: Sassy in NY could be a blog all by itself.

    @Anonymous: Periods of adjustment are always trying, but often worth it on the flip side. I hope you find that insight that you are looking for with ease in the new year.

    @Alisyne: I would have used "grace" to describe your 2010 because you have handled all the mess without seeming to bat an eyelash. I have a lot to learn from you and how you handle the curve balls life sends your way. :) And, sewage back up? Can we all just agree--ewwwww??!!


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