Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unconventional Memories

Today you can find me guest blogging over at Momma Needs A Beer. Throughout the month of December Kelli has assembled a variety of Christmas/Holiday memories and put them together as a series for her readers to enjoy. I've really enjoyed reading all of the posts so far and I'm thrilled that she asked me to write a little something.

For my post I decided to write about unconventional holiday memories. I think it's good to take note of the fact that we as adults,  have the ability to make anything special. Sometimes it's good to sit back and remember that holidays are about the people we share them with and NOT how much the day or event resembles a Hallmark special.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Love the new look..especially the purple & green! Also, great to hear about your wonderful day at Port Discovery...wish I could have see Liam's face when he saw "Bob". XO Mom, aka Nana

  2. Thanks for the publicity! :) It IS so true... your holiday memories are as "perfect" as you make them.

  3. @Jan and Lizzy: Glad you like the new look. I do too. More changes to come in the coming week or so.

    @ Kelli: My pleasure. And, that way I didn't have to create a "new" post myself. Grin.

    Happy Holidays!


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