Monday, November 22, 2010

PIF: Day Twenty-Two


Pay It Forward: Day Twenty-Two

Tonight I made a donation to my local Make-A-Wish Foundation Chapter. I can't even begin to imagine having a terminally ill child. So, if I can be a part of making a dream come true for someone who has had to face challenges that no child should have to, I am happy to do it. 

Take a moment this holiday season to give to others with your time, your money, with gifts, or something else.


  1. My former boss lost a son to cancer when he was 10. Their last big family trip with him was to Oregon to visit cousins they seldom got to see and it was funded entirely by the Make A Wish Foundation. It's my all-time favorite charity. Good choice--know that your money WILL make a huge difference to someone. xoxo

  2. make a wish is a great charity. having posted on my blog much about paying it forward feel funny talking about it I guess. I think we will be paying it forward a lot this winter though we have shoveled twice already today and more is coming. I have several neighbors that need help we always do at least one sometimes two if we have enough strength left in our arms.

  3. I love this foundation. I pray that we will never need to reap their benefits, but they payed for my niece to go on the Disney cruise when she wasn't doing well. The are a great foundation! ~ Alisyne

  4. Awesome choice! Loved my card from Liam today! Made my day!

  5. @ Allison: Yay! He loves to make things for his Aunt Allison.

    Thanks guys. A guy I knew in High School got to fly out to California to meet Ahhhh-nold, back when he was just a movie star. Ahhhh-nold paid out of his own pocket for a photographer to come and photograph their day and sent all the images back to him and his family. He was blessed to recover from Leukemia and have the pictures to share. Great organization.


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