Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PIF: Day Twenty-Four

Pay It Forward: Day Twenty- Four

Every year since Liam was born we have selected an "angel" from The Salvation Army's Angel Tree for him to shop for. We always choose a boy who is his age. Today as I looked at the tree it was challenging to find a boy at all, but we found a 3 year old little dude who wanted "trucks and cars". Never was there a more perfect fit! And, if Liam had anything to say about it, this little boy would get trucks and cars AND one of everything out of the Oriental Trading catalog. This boy of mine has a B-I-G heart, every time a new catalog arrives he points to each item on every. single. page. and says, "I get 'dis for my friends.". Never asking for a single thing for himself. So this morning when we explained that "Julius" won't be expecting any toys or gifts from his parents or Santa on Christmas morning and that we were going to pick some out for him. Liam was on board. He was "extra" on board when we told him he got to pick out trucks and cars for the little guy. I plan to do the actual buying of gifts on Black Friday. I am going to pick up a wide selection for Liam to choose from for his "angel" and then take back the others. I think it's important for him to have a say, for him to learn to pay it forward in his own way. If you live local to Baltimore, here's the link to where we selected our angel.

Also, walked my big huge extended kid cart all the way back into the grocery store today. Saving the guy who has to bring the carts back into the store the added headache of dealing with that behemoth and hopefully making another little person's day, by getting to ride around the store cart-limo style.

Lastly, I had the joy of opening my Inbox today to find a nice note about my Pay It Forward series from Molly at Lost a Sock. Thanks, made my day.

If there is someone out there doing something that you like, please take a moment to tell them so.

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  1. I love the Angel Tree! My mom got a little boy Dean's age this year. For some reason, I always choose a girl. I've done so for years and have kept doing it even after I became a mom to a boy. I guess old habits die hard. :)

    I'm excited to see that you're acquainted with Molly! She's one of my favorite folks in the blogosphere!


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