Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yo peeps...what up? What up?

It's me Little Dude.

I'm thankful for...

...pacifiers...mmmmm....yummy goodness!

...fruit leather. Nectar of the Gods. Need I say more?

...mall playground. Love. That. Plaaaaaaaaaace!!! (imagine I was saying that like Oprah)

...jelly sandwiches. Please don't try to be tricky, I can smell peanut butter from a mile away. Respect a brother. peeps. Shout out to all the little people! Now, off to listen to a little Black-Eyed Peas.



  1. Yay Liam!! Aunt Allison just got an easy recipe for fruit leather if mommy wants it!!

  2. Mmmm... we'd love that recipe Allison.

    Hooray for "little people"!


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