Wednesday, October 13, 2010



No, I will not change my avatar to a pink hue or add a pink ribbon to it!

No, I will not display my bra color or "where I like it" (my purse) on Facebook!

No, I will not buy products just because they put a pink ribbon on their packaging in October. A pink ribbon that they know means lots of extra $$$ for their bottom line. A pink ribbon that doesn't always mean that the company is giving ANY or very much money to research. (Because, they know most of us won't check.)

No, I won't decorate my office, car, etc. with pink regalia like it's some sort of she-who-has-the-most pink-wins-contest. 

No, because when has a can of soup with a pink ribbon or pink bubble wrap EVER made me think, "Gee, I should do a self exam tonight?"

No, because aren't we all aware??

No, because now it's time to start acting, to start doing, to start putting our money where our trinkets are.

That bubble wrap I talked about was around $5/package and gave 20 cents towards research. This is no longer acceptable!

It is time that we start taking working together to support women who are living with breast cancer. Call your local hospital and see if you can help drive women to their appointments. Do some errands for women who are living with this disease. Go to a hospice and talk with and connect with women who are fighting the good fight.

And give often for research, for an end, for a future free of breast cancer.

Do it NOW!


  1. Sing it, sister!! I have found that local charities & businesses do tend to give more, sometimes 100%, and if that's the case, my money goes there. I just contributed to a cookbook... where 100% of the proceeds will go to a local breast-cancer support group. Instead of throwing your money at an inflated priced bag of pink m&ms... see what's available in your community! Excellent post -- way to go against the very strong current of pink promotions!

  2. Best post EVER!

  3. Thanks Kelli and N!

    @Kelli: Feel free to post info on the cookbook here.


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